Clwb Dringo Porthmadog: Sixty Years of Mountaineering by Dewi Jones

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'Clwb Dringo Porthmadog - Sixty Years of Mountaineering' was launched at the 60th Anniversary Dinner of the Club on 6th April 2013.

In 1978 when Clwb Dringo was twenty-five years old Pip Styles compiled a history of the Club which was held in a ring binder.  In preparing this book to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the Club, Pip’s original work has been invaluable.  So too has been the Club Newsletter which for so many years Pip edited, carefully filing each issue.  There is also the Club Log Book in which our activities are recorded.  At its best it is an excellent record, but it was not always as diligently kept as it might have been so the story it tells is incomplete.  However we have the minutes of committee meetings, letters, bills, notes and some photographs which Club officials have kept over the years.  As a result we have a comprehensive record of the Club’s activities which illuminates facets of life over the last sixty years."  Dewi Jones

The book has 84 pages and is an A5 paperback in black and white with a colour cover. There are 34 photographs, many of which are of rock climbing in the 50s and 60s, and there are 6 mountain sketches by the artist Rob Piercy. The ISBN Number is 978-0-9561469-5-3.

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