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The Loss Of The Criccieth Castle by Cathy Woodhead                  -  

'The Loss Of The Criccieth Castle' is a true account of survival in the South Atlantic.

Catherine Thomas travelled the world with her ship's captain husband in the early 1900s, then on 15th July 1912 disaster struck their vessel, the Criccieth Castle It was mid-winter, in what is perhaps the stormiest region of the world, and for the next eight days the ship's company endured the most terrible sufferings.  Seven men were drowned, and one by one the others died of hunger, thirst and the fearful cold.  Day after day the captain stood at the steering-oar, watching his wife and four-year-old son lying helpless in the water at the bottom of the leaking lifeboat.  Finally, when the survivors were too weak to pull on the oars or to hoist the sail, deliverance came. 


The book has 178 pages and is an A5 paperback in black and white with a colour cover.  There are 2 maps, 27 photographs, 12 paintings and 13 scans of documents.  The appendices include a glossary, bibliography, documents concerning various Board of Trade Inquiries and an index.  The ISBN Number is 978-0-9561469-1-5.  

To purchase a copy of the book in the UK:  Please click on the BUY NOW PayPal tab below - the cost is 9.95 (Postage Free) or send a cheque for 9.95 made payable to Cathy Woodhead and send it to Delfryn Publications, Delfryn, Borth y Gest, PORTHMADOG LL49 9TW. 

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